Monday, August 25, 2008

chicken cup craft

This one again, was a hit, mainly because it too makes a noise. It is made from a plastic cup which I sprayed the inside of with yellow paint. A hole was pierced thru the bottom and a long piece of string threaded thru. Tie the end inside the cup to a toothpick so that it cannot be pulled right thru. Next the eggshell was cut from leftover sticker scraps from the printers I work for and the kids stuck it to the bottom. The beak is just a diamond shape of red paper folded in half and taped to the cup and googley eyes are also attached with double sided tape. The wings are actually cut from the top of the cup and taped into place. Lastly cut a rectangle of yellow tissue paper, fringe the edges and scrunch the middle so that the fringed edges stick out the top of the cup. And wahla!!! To make the chiken go "bawk, bawk", dangle the string into a bucket of water then tug the string from the top and the movement of your hands sliding down the string makes the noise. Try it. This is my sample...

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