Monday, August 25, 2008

Helpful Hint #2 -edible paint

I got this recipe from this lovely blog It was tried and tested today. And yes it is edible but not really tasty!!! Throw 2 cups of any kind of flour that you have lying around into a bowl, gradually add COLD water until it forms a fairly smooth paste free of any big lumps, then slowly add freshly boiled HOT water, stirring constantly until it forms the right consistancy - if you are finger painting you'll want it to be a little thicker, so add less water. Split the mixture into however many colours you want and add a food colouring to you desired colour is reached. Now you have a non-toxic, completely toddler safe paint that they can eat all they like. Only make enough for the painting session as it only really lasts for 24 hours.

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motherdove said...

I am totally going to do this with Xman on the weekend!!! Good one Bella!